Birthing Classes

Prenatal Class coming in 2019 teaches about the birthing process, relaxation techniques, pain control and baby care.  It is recommended for all new parents.  Classes will be offered quartery, one night a week from 6:00-9:30 pm. Dinner is provided and a tour of Labor and Delivery is also included.  An RSVP is required (435-636-4828). The 2019 Prenatal Class schedule is as follows:

Dates:                   January 9

                              April 10

                              July 10

   October 9


Time:                   6:00pm


Breastfeeding Class is for new or experienced mothers who would like information or support with breastfeeding.
There is limited space, so we ask that only one support person be by your side. The class will be held in the Boardroom  RSVP is required (435-636-4828). The schedule for the 2019 Breastfeeding Class is as follows:

 Dates:                 January 16 

                             April 17

                             July 17

                             October 16 

Time:                   6:30pm