Birthing Classes

Prenatal Class teaches about the birthing process, relaxation techniques, pain control and baby care.  It is recommended for all new parents.  It is one night a week for 3 weeks, 6:30-8:30 pm. Tour of Labor and Delivery is included.  The cost is $22.50 or is covered with a Medicaid card. Bring two pillows.

Smart Start Class is offered to those who are having their baby at Castleview Hospital with Dr. David Bradshaw, Dr. Matt Brady, and Dr. Shane Gagon.  It’s a great opportunity to get your paper work done.  But most importantly you will learn how to properly install your car seat so that your baby’s first trip home and every trip is a safe one.  The cost for this class is $30.00. Bring your insurance cards, driver’s license for the paper work. (Price subject to change while supplies last.)

Sibling Class is a fun way to get brothers and sisters involved with the birth of the new baby.  In this class they learn about babies and their part as a big brother or sister.  When registering for this class, list siblings and names and ages. FREE

Breastfeeding Class is for new or experienced mothers who would like information or support with breastfeeding.
There is limited space, so we ask that only one support person be by your side.