First Responders to Participate in Mass Casualty Management Training

June 1, 2018

Local emergency first responders in the Carbon County area will be participating in a mass casualty management training on June 21.

A mass casualty incident is regarded as a single event that impacts negatively on a community, causing a number of casualties that outstrip the community’s ability to respond in a normal way. The goal of the training is to sharpen the response skills of mass casualty responders, enabling them to effectively utilize resources while responding to such an event.

The hands-on experience will be provided through this field exercise to ensure that participants gain working knowledge of a mass casualty triage system, stabilizing victims, radio communications, command system, supply management and stress management in disasters. It will also give participants a clear understanding of potential risk and demonstrate the key principles to be applied in organizing a disaster site and how to maximize resources to work collaboratively during mass casualty events.

Participants in the training represent Castleview Hospital, Carbon County EMS, local law enforcement, Carbon County Fire Department, Department of Disaster Management and SWAT.

Please do not be alarmed if you hear of a mass casualty training in the area on June 21. This training will benefit our community and strengthen the relationship between our first responders.