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WorkPoint Occupational Medicine

Our Services 

  • Pre-employment Services
    • Basic/comprehensive physicals
    • Drug screens
  • Customized Screenings & Physicals
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals
    • Mine Rescue physicals
    • Return to work physicals
  • Post-accident services
    • Post-accident evaluation and treatment
    • Drug screens
    • Breath alcohol testing
  • Respiratory Fit Tests & Pulmonary Function Tests NIOSH Certified    
    • Full and half face respriators
    • OSHA compliant
    • Porta count (Quantitative)
    • Bitrix (Qualitative)
  • Drug Screens
    • On-site
    • Urine
    • Blood
    • Saliva
    • Hair
  • Wellness Programs/Health Fairs 
    • Tailored Wellness Program
    • Flu shots
    • Health assessment of your staff
    • Blood work   
  • Hearing Conservation (CAOCH Certified)
    • Pre-employment
    • Yearly OSHA, MSHA
    • On-site testing available


WorkPoint - Price
230 N Hospital Drive, Suite 2

WorkPoint Coordinator
Jamie L. Fox, CPIW, COHC

WorkPoint - Castle Dale
90 West Main

WorkPoint Coordinator
Jamie L. Fox, CPIW, COHC

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