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For information on how to be admitted, call the StepOne Service coordinator at 435.636.4808.
Most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

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Meet the Team:


photo of Tawnee EleyTawnee Eley

Tawnee Eley is the Care Coordinator for StepOne Recovery at Castleview Hospital. She is passionate about helping people, and a firm believer that sometimes the people with the darkest paths end up creating the brightest futures. She believes that is something we should all fight towards. Tawnee is excited to serve our community and fight for a better tomorrow.



photo of Jenn ColosimoJenn Colosimo

Jenn Colosimo spearheads The Bridge Program at Castleview Hospital. She collaborates with the University of Utah to bring this program to Price, Utah. She is passionate about helping people get the help they need whether or not they have insurance. Jenn manages all parts of this program, including the grant that covers the cost of addiction treatment care in the ER for those experiencing financial hardship.

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